The Músiques Sensibles series returns for its fourth edition with the intention, once again, of linking culture and music, social commitment and responsibility. A pioneering, innovative and unique project promoted by professionals of the cultural and musical fields, with a carefully selected program of concerts and the clear aim of supporting a number of associations and non-profit organizations.

A special and unique format to get close to some of the emerging voices and also to the more established artists. The audience can enjoy special formats, album releases and closing concerts while the tickets they buy contribute to organizations that work quietly and with a lack of financial support, due to which any contribution, no matter how small, is valuable.

As its name suggests, Músiques Sensibles (“Sensitive Music”) is a festival that is aware of the difficulties of the people who most suffer the current crisis and that are at risk of social exclusion. It is a festival that discloses the, unfortunately, much unknown work of the organizations that work to alleviate the suffering and deal with the complex situations of the people they attend. A festival that aims helping these organizations to continue their work of monitoring and helping the disadvantaged, by donating 10% of the proceeds from the concert.

Músiques Sensibles is a project where culture and society become the main driving force, where sensitivity and awareness are the common denominator of all the involved parties.

UA necessary and different series thanks to the combination of great artists, very committed and essential organizations and an exceptional location.