The London Community Gospel Choir – 23.11.2018

The London Community Gospel Choir was founded in 1982 by Rev. Bazil Meade in London. The group was nourished with members from all corners of the city. Versatile, flexible and well-known to play dynamic sounds and create rich harmonies, authors of the soundtrack of the film The Lion King and collaborators of artists like George Michael, James Brown, Sting, Nick Cave, Paul McCartney, Madonna and Tina Turner Among many others, the London Community Gospel Choir is undoubtedly one of the best formations of the Gospel-soul genre in Europe. The energy and strength of their performances are remarkable, and the voices,  spectacular. For the performance planned for the Festival de Músiques Sensibles, they will be presented in small format. With a special and powerful direct that will not leave anyone indifferent. Their performance will close the sixth edition of the festival.