Gemma Humet – 16.11.2018

Not many people have the ability to show on a stage a dose of musical quality and social commitment as Gemma Humet does. After bringing her second album “Encaral” all over the Catalan Countries over the last two years, the songwriter from Terrassa will offer the Festival de Músiques Sensibles her good bye concert to this latest recording work. “Encara”, a record produced by Carlos “Campi” Campón (a musician and producer that works for Jorge Drexler, among others) has been without a doubt the clear example of how a new generation of songwriters do not give up using the songs as a tool to try to sculpt the world that surrounds us with issues ranging from the crisis of refugees to real estate speculation. Her concert will be the most special of this second album. Where the songs will reach another level accompanied by guest artists that will help to make this evening an unforgettable evening.