Eva Fernández – 11.10.2019

The singer and saxophonist Eva Fernández presents Yo pregunto and announces it as the first project led by herself, reaffirming her commitment to sensitivity and creativity when it comes to creating music. This new record is no longer a collection of “standards” as in the previous albums where she has participated, to start her way to creation of music and begin to weave her own language. “The poems that form the album resounded so strongly when I read that I had to start singing them” writes the artist on her back cover.

Eva Fernández forms a compositional tandem with the guitarrist Josep Munar, when he plays these poems, joined by the stylistic premise “less is more”. Munar on guitar and Enric Fuster on drums, they are Fernández’s travel companions in this show. Since the disc was born in May 2018, they took it under the arm in many places on the peninsula and have also been abroad to defend it internationally in Korea, Germany and London, where they’ve been very welcomed. Hours on the road and music together give the trio a loudness that gives off complicity and confidence and this allows them a wide range of nuances and dynamics when performing live, where the curve of the concert goes from the naked intimacy to a high effervescent energy