Rafa Pons – 18.01.2020

Rafa Pons continues with his presentation tour of La guerra del sexo, his sixth record. A work in which he re-influenced with his particular and mordant style to narrate the daily life with which he has forged his musical career. Pons shows us 14 eminently rock songs, recorded with the usual intensity but without using any guitar or synthesizers. He has opted for the wood of acoustic guitars, pianos and violins to give the whole set a more folk sound that inproves the songs a lot.

In La guerra del sexo,  Pons escapes from floritures (“It’s snoring, not breathe hard”) and with a demystifying vocation, insists in the importance of not idealizing love (“I do not believe in civilized love based on good intentions, skins flow better in the mud “) and assumes our own miseries (” I hate these pathetically correct times in which everything is clean, and without mistakes, if loves are not) as the best way to get a little more human  and better World (“equality don’t bothers, the univers escares. With you I will enlist in the war of sex). An intimate and sincere performance  that we will have the chance to enjoy at the Festival de Músiques Sensibles.

Web: http://www.rafapons.com/