Cesc – 26.11.2019


With only 23 years of age, Cesc is one of the most potential artists of the national pop-folk scene, for intensity, by character and especially for his talent. Until now, he has been playing on versions in the metro of Barcelona and in the streets of the main cities of Europe. Thanks to the great connection with the public, he has managed to accumulate more than 20,000 followers in Instagram, which allowed him to jump into the concert halls.

In his concert of presentation on March 21th in the former Factory  of Estrella Damm in Barcelona, he managed to hang the Chart of Sold Out. It was the starting point of a tour that will take him through many other cities in the territory. He will stop at Músiques Sensibles Festival, and will be in charge of opening the night of October 18th before the performance of Pavvla.