PAVVLA – 26.11.2019

Secretly hoping you catch me looking is Pavvla’s second album released at the end of 2018. Her debut Creatures positioned her as one of the most important new indie shows in our country. With nearly a hundred concerts at her shoulders, national and abroad, and with articles in renowned media such as the American NPR or the English BBC, Pavvla earned the tag of emerging article of the moment, with performances at the main festivals of our country and thousands of listeners at  the streaming platforms.

 With this Secretly hoping you catch me looking, Pavvla clearly draws a change of concept from her debut album. If Creatures was a record made from nostalgia and ingenuity, this new album brings the flag of provocation and a much more thrill attitude, completely disregarding the naive attitude and innocence. With an explosive and intimidating direct, Pavvla has not stopped touring presenting a work that has aroused very good reviews and followers, and which will make the last stop of the tour in Barcelona in a very special night in Músiques Sensibles, while continuing showing why her music has been acclaimed everywhere.