Paula Grande – 11.10.2019

Paula Grande was born to emerge with music and fill everyone with it. Self-taught, brave and mixed race, she gives us a musical style that emanates these qualities and that moves between the registries of jazz, soul and hip hop. Doctorated in musical research by the critics (Diari de Girona), she has had the opportunity to teach ger music and her art around the world, earning herself her travels from different international awards, such as the third prize and the Special Recognition Award at the prestigious Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition (2013), or the award to the best free repertoire in the Jazz Voices of Lithuania (2014).

In the year 2018 she published her second album, Sóc, a cd formed by eleven shared songs, written in the form of rap and melodies. A record with a jazzy sound that is also close to hip-hop and pop. Declarations of intentions in songs that want to think and want to fly. Songs that speak of who Paula Grande is, of her ideals; of love and the romance that she has lived.