Obeses i el cor d’Obeses – 13.12.2019

The voice is one of the fundamental pillars of the richness of the speech of the music of Obeses. Throughout their career and their albums, they have explored revolutionary expression registres for the mixed choir used in the context of modern music. With the Obese Choir, created in its vast majority by professional singers who have been -or are still- linked to the choirs of the Palau, the beauty and depth of the repertoire of the band’s latest album, Los hijos de las estrellas, promises to reach catharic landmarks so far not reached. A unique opportunity to enjoy the music of the extended quartet with 12  voices in an unmatched musical frame.

Obese land at Músiques Sensibles as part of their tour, but they will do it in a very special way. A concert that will include a choir, the Choir of Obese. A concert that is going to be unique and unrepeatable!