Miquel Abras – 15.10.2019


Miquel Abras surprises us with two record releases on the same day Punt de no retorn (U98 Music) and Punt de partida (U98 Music). Abras defines the first of the 2 albums as the disc that was forced to do morally and did not want to miss the opportunity where he claim with his songs the 1st October.  A record produced by the producer Carlus Ramió where you can hear the whole rage of a raw and very forceful disc. The next disc is what he had in his mind from the start with a change of sound and producer with more modern touches. A very cool, optimistic record. The songs like trees, children of the sea, Karma, the landscape is you and begins a starting point with a broader vision of new visions, a disc produced by Albert Solar where electronic music touches and the most catchy songs flourish more than ever.