Sau 30 – 15.10.2019

SAU30 is the project that has returned to the stages, two decades after its disappearance, with all the team that was part of the popular  band from Osona. Musicians, technicians, road managers and, to resume, the structure that made them one of the most important groups in the Catalan scene. SAU30 wants to be a return of the spirit of the formation and the magic of those nights where dreams could come true through music. The stage has been designed by Lluís Martí, lighting technician of SAU (1989-99) who, along with Carles Sabater, was the author of all the SAO’s sets, among them the spectacular tours such as “El més gran dels pecadors” or “Junts de nou per primer cop”.

The members of the original band of SAU30 are Carles ‘Xarli’ Oliver (drummer of SAU 1987-90); Quim ‘Benítez’ Vilaplana (drummer of SAU 1990-98), Pep Sánchez (bassist of SAU 1987-96), Ramon Altimir (keyboard player of SAU 1987-99), Jordi Mena (guitarist of SAU 1991-97), Josep Lluís Pérez (guitarist of SAU1997-99), Gerry Duffy (percussionist of SAU 1988-99) and, of course, Pep Sala (voice and guitar), composer of SAU and founding member of the group together with Carles Sabater and Joan Capdevila, who will join the project as a personal manager.

In order to complete the project, it is worthty to mention the incorporation of the singer from Mataró Jonathan Argüelles’s, linked to different formations (Junts, Inèdits, etc.), and in his final stage he was  the lead singer at the head of the tribute band TORNEM A SAU for 2 years.  Sau 30 will perform at Festival de Músiques Sensibles. They will offer a very special concert at the Palau de la Musica becoming a unique opportunity to revive the great achievements of one of the essential bands of our country.