Clara Peya – 26.01.2020

The pianist and composer Clara Peya, one of the most original and unique creators of the last times in the country’s music scene, presents her new work Estómac. A musical and visceral journey in search of love in its most basic essence, where combines the sounds of jazz, rap, pop and electronic sounds to continue with a feminist manifesto in which she wants to deconstruct the idea of “Romantic Love”, initiated with her previous album Oceanes.

Estómac is born from the creative and friendship relationship between Clara Peya and bassist and producer Vic Moliner who, together with the voice of Magalí Sare, the drums and electronic sounds of Dídak Fernández and the drums of Andreu Moreno, give life to this new work. Thirteen songs to build bridges between the heart and the bowels. Musically, Peya is unclassifiable: She swings between chamber music, jazz, pop and electronic, always keeping the piano as the center of gravity. She is energy and feeling in its purest state, without neglecting the cry and commitment to freedom. A contagious and torrential artistic personality that gets naked in her live performances, and  transforms and spreads throughout the stage and beyond.