MÚSIQUES SENSIBLES FESTIVAL assigns the 10% of the box office recap to different non-profit organizations.

Facing the current economic crisis, the festival contacts with several non-profit social organizations that work in various social areas and with profiles of people with different demands.

These organizations are chosen with a clear criterion: they are nonprofit entities that have few professional and / or economic resources, not known by the society in general and that are located in several towns on the periphery of Barcelona and / or Barcelona city.

All share a common goal: to serve people in a comprehensive way while respecting their right to self-determination and to foster empowerment in order to improve their quality of life and their environment.

Below are the social entities:


Logo Aprenem, associació per a la inclusió de les persones amb Transtorn de l'Espectre Autista
Logo Best Buddies
Logo Associació Salut Mental Barcelonès Nord
logo punt de referencia

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